Who We are

For over a year, Rail Professionals.net has been a business-oriented railway professional's forum that the industry's professionals have come to talk upon.

Born out of the privatization of the industry and the need to provide a managerial forum for the new rail business community, RailProfessional.net is a common platform for the industry's key decision makers.

The forum has built a strong reputation for providing unrivalled and independent rail discussions. And that is because it has from the start relied upon inputs from all professionals with first-hand rail industry experience. This has given the forum the authority to provide an unparallel and truly informed insight into the challenges facing the sector; our aim is to provide a constructive perspective while always remaining independent.

As well as leading comment and analysis, the forum carries interviews with leading figures within the industry, allowing users to gain an 'inside track' view of these shakers and movers.

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